What is the Best Food for German Shepherd Puppies?

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German Shepherd puppies undergo a rapid growth spurt in their initial life. It is essential to provide them with food to develop correctly.

Give your German Shepherd puppy the best food with all the nutrients they need. Nutritional foods help support a healthy joint structure, promote buccal growth, and give the puppies a shiny coat.

When choosing puppy foods for your German Shepherd puppies, it is crucial to watch high-protein foods. Ensure that your German Shepherd puppies get at least  22 percent protein in their daily meals.

With various German Shepherd foods available in the market, it is challenging to get the best food for your loyal friend. Here is a guide to the best food for German Shepherd puppies.

Quick Summary: Best Food for German Shepherd Puppies


Model:  Best for: 
Royal Canin Puppy Dry Food Overall 
Diamond Dog Food Healthy skin
Iams Proactive Puppy Food Large breed
Acana Puppy Food Grain-free 
Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Food Wholesome ingredients
Orijen Puppy Food Whole prey nutrients
Purina One Puppy Formula Food High proteins
Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Under 1-year


Best Food for German Shepherd Puppies – Our Top 8 Picks

1. Best Overall: Royal Canin Puppy Dry Food

Royal Canin puppy dry food is tailored for small puppies up to ten months with an adult weight of 9 to 22 lb.

It meets the raised energy required for small dog breeds during the short period of the puppy’s intense growth.

The small-sized kibble is structured for the little dogs with picky appetites and small jaws.

This package features an exclusive mixture of vitamins and antioxidants for supporting your German Shepherd puppy’s immune system.

Furthermore, it contains prebiotic ingredients and raised digestible proteins, which help in promoting healthy digestion.

2. Best for Healthy Skin: Diamond Dog Food

Help your German Shepherd puppy achieve a fully balanced diet with diamond dog food. It features natural pasture high lamb as the 1st ingredient, which is made with mineral content and specific protein for supporting the needs of the large puppy breeds.

This product is designed with balanced nutrient levels to power massive growing bodies. Also, it has omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.

The package includes minerals and vitamins from natural fruits, such as oranges and blueberries.

Support your puppy’s immune system, healthy digestion, and overall wellness with the Diamond dog food. It is included with unique species K9 proprietary probiotics, prebiotics, and antioxidants in each serving.

Moreover, it is made with no wheat, corn, colors, or artificial flavors.

3. Best for The Large Breed: Iams Proactive Puppy Food

The Iams puppy food is specifically designed to support the large puppy breeds’ nutritional needs. It features real farm-raised chicken as the 1st ingredient.

It is included with quality sourced proteins to strengthen your German Shepherd puppy’s muscles.

However, it contains twenty-two nutrients that your loyal friend would receive from the mother’s milk.

The omega-three DHA helps in cognition, thus inspiring a more trainable and intelligent German Shepherd puppy.

4. Best Grain-Free: Acana Puppy Food

The Acana is explicitly made with fat and protein from premium animal protein for supporting your growing German Shepherd puppy’s development.

It features 60 percent premium animal ingredients, such as turkey and free-run chicken, plus 40 percent fruits, botanicals, and vegetables such as pumpkins.

The featured fresh ingredients use the refrigeration way of preservation, and the raw ingredients are deep-frozen for freshness.

Acana uses quality ingredients from trusted farms, fishers, and ranchers. Besides, it is grain-free since it is made with no added soy, corn, tapioca, or wheat.

5. Best Wholesome Ingredients: Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Food

Hill’s Science puppy foods feature controlled calcium levels to support the optimal growth of large puppy breed bones.

It is included with chondroitin and glucosamine to strengthen your German Shepherd puppy’s joint and muscles health.

The mixture of vitamin E and C work hand in hand with antioxidants to aid in supporting the healthy immune system of your furry friend.

This package is designed with natural and high-quality ingredients with no flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives. Additionally, it is made for puppies under 1-year of age.

6. Best Whole Prey Nutrients: Orijen Puppy Food

Orijen puppy food comprises 85 percent animal quality ingredients like fish and poultry for a sturdy source of crucial minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

Its first five ingredients are raw or fresh animal proteins (cage-free eggs, farmed fish, wild-caught, turkey, and free-run chicken). Besides, it includes whole prey nutrition with nutrient-rich organs.

This German Shepherd puppy food is freeze-dried and coated for a burst of raw flavors!

7. Best High Protein: Purina One Puppy Formula Food

Purina One features real chicken as the 1st ingredient to help pack the protein your German Shepherd puppy requires, thus supporting his developing muscles as he plays and jumps.

Also, it has the DHA nutrient like the ones in the mother’s milk for supporting your pup’s brain and vision development and calcium for sturdy teeth maintenance.

It features 4 antioxidant sources to keep your loyal friend’s immune system strong. The omega-six fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins help nourish the pup’s soft coat and healthy skin.

Its tender meaty morsels and crunchy bites are designed with an intelligent blend of premium ingredients, thus producing dry puppy foods with 100% nutrition for puppies.

8. Best Under 1-Year Puppy Food: Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

Build a sturdy foundation for your lovely German Shepherd puppy with the Purina Pro Plan dog food. This dog food is explicitly designed for puppies; it contains DHA to offer support for furry friends’ vision and brain development.

It features real chicken as the first ingredient to help create a superb quality wet food for puppies. Plus, it includes a quality protein that your puppy requires to construct lean muscle.

This canned puppy food helps keep your loyal friend’s soft coat and skin healthy and supports his immune system healthy.

The twenty-three essential minerals and vitamins provide 100% full and balanced nutrition for puppies under 1-year age.

Besides, it is risk-free since it has no preservatives, flavors, or artificial colors.

Final Thoughts

Feed your German Shepherd puppy with premium quality large breed puppy formula to keep their caloric growth.

Most puppy parents make the mistake of feeding their German Shepherd puppies with too much or too little food, giving them inferior quality.

Typically, puppies eat two times the number of nutrients as adults of the same breed.

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We love Frank, our German Shepherd - he's basically part of the family.
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We love Frank, our German Shepherd – he’s basically part of the family.
But you know how it is – there are challenges and questions that every dog owner faces, so here’s what I discovered about German Shepherds while raising him.

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